Flip Flops Cream/Blue Pair – Bunting Pick N Mix

Create your own string of bunting with our mix and match selection of hand sewn Flip Flops and matching Pennants.


Bunting:  Pair of Flip Flops Cream with Blue  Trim

Create your own bunting with our pick n mix selection of pennants  and flip flop pairs.

Also available in Blue (with Orange Trim) and Duck Egg (with Black Trim)

Featuring our cheeky gulls with crabs, pasties, fish and ice cream design printed onto 100 per cent cotton drill; each pair of flip flops has a contrasting embroidered trim and two holes through which to thread your own choice of ribbon or string.

Made exclusviely for Gullz R Loud by a local Cornish seamstress; our stunning hand-made bunting is  a mini work-of-art in its own right.

Each piece is sewn onto  interfacing with a felt backing then beautifully finished by hand so it will look great and won’t fray.


This fabric is also available as storage baskets, lampshades and cushions